UFO in Afghanistan


UFO the abbreviation of Unidentified Flying Objects exists or not? There are a lot of researches and videos on UFO’s, which describes yes there are things in this universe that exists other than us. But what this UFO really is? And what they want from us? I am searching for their videos and researches from years and I know there are a lot of stories on it. Today I want to share my story as well, But before coming to the main discussion, I want to tell you that most of the UFO’s are sighted at places that are attractive due to some reasons. Like almost everyone has watched UFO video at Jerusalem, that is something unbelievable but the place was full of lights and attractive, BAF(Bagram Airfield at Afghanistan) is in the center, surrounded by mountains. There is no electricity in Afghanistan, BAF uses generators for electricity, there are thousands of lights in BAF and if u can take a satellite view of BAF at night those thousands of lights make BAF one of the best and attractive places on earth, because there is desert and plains all around it which is dark at night and BAF is full of light. Might be these lights and attractiveness is the reason behind the story which I am sharing with you people.UFO-Fleet-over-London-1

I was working in BAF as a safety officer. We were constructing towers around the Airfield so every day we were having different locations. We always work at boundaries of BAF. I still remember that shiny day me, 2 escorts, 8 labors and a foremen were on the site. Work was going on. I observed that one of our escort name “KALIM” was moving from one side to another and was watching to the sky from few minutes. I was irritating from his moves and asked him the reason. What are you doing Kalim? He replied there is something in the sky that is moving and he want to know what it is. He asked me to see for a while, Finding out those dots in the sky was not that much easy, when I found something moving in the sky I was not only surprised but also shocked to see something exactly what I was watching in the videos and tapes. There was a blue sky and small dots that were moving fast and getting stop and then they start moving. I don’t know what was going on at that time in the sky. For a while I thought I am watching a dream because most of the time, I was looking at these UFO’s videos and documentary, so might be possible. But when I realized the reality behind that scene I was too happy. I was watching something that was unbelievable. “Kalim” was telling me it might be satellite but he wasn’t that much aware of these things but I know what I watch was a UFO and it was something that is real and made me to believe UFO’s do exists. I was unable to catch that moment because we were not allowed to use cameras inside BAF but I am attaching few photos that gives exact the same thing that I watched that day.

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