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Easy and Quick Natural Remedies for Hair Fall

Regarding hair we are facing lot of problems which are increasing with the passage of time, there are many reasons, its because of our diet and junk foods which are although tasty but not nutritious. Depression, stomach problems and many other problems are reason for hair fall . We could cure them by using different things such as vitamin e proteins vitamin c. Healthier hair need strength to fight with these diseases.


  1. Egg yolk: Egg is healthy food and its yolk can be used for many purposes in which one of them is hair as by applying it directly to hair scalp could save your hair from dandruff as well as for shiny and silky hairs . Oil of egg is also very useful and good for hair as by talking at least 10-15 egg yolks and burn it in fry pan till they get burned and at end you will find oil of it in blackish brown color and will be in form of drops it’s also available in markets.
  2. Fish : Fish has protein and should be taken in diet not regularly but 2-3 times in month as its rich of vitamin e there are also many other benefits of fish as the people having problem of uric acid can save their selves by using fish in their diet. Fish oil is also useful which is also used for the children who are weak and could not walk easily as they have banded legs its due to lack of vitamin e so fish oil could be use for it.
  3. Yogurt: yogurt you can apply directly on your scalp for an hour or two which are very good for shiny hair and for growth of your hair as its rich with calcium .
  4. Milk: Proteins and vitamins are important for our hair so as calcium, as we know that milk is rich of calcium so it should be taken regularly in our diet. It helps our hair in growth and makes them thicker.
  5. Dry fruits: Dry fruits have many vitamins and specially apricot and coconut oil are very good for hair .
  6. Mustard oil: Mustard oil is very good for hairs as by applying on hair an hour before taking bath, it will strengthen your hair and you will never be facing hair loss.
  7. Lemon: use of lemon as its acidic but too good for your hair as it cure you from dandruff.

 RECOMMENDATION: Try to use chemical free shampoo and conditioners for your hair. Lemon is a good conditioner for your hair.

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Easy and Quick Natural Remedies for Hair Fall

Regarding hair we are facing lot of problems which are increasing ...