Psychology of color for website or business

Psychology of color for website or business:


Creating logo for website or any other thing is not that much easy task it has many things in it. One should be very creative while making logo one should think about many things. Colors, Logo image, Title, slogan, culture and combination of all these things.



Choosing right color for making logo is one of the most difficult tasks one should know that for whom they are creating the logo. Their target customer means that to whom they want to target and for what items they are creating website or Logo. Now choosing color needs knowledge there is a psychology for choosing right color for right items example you have observed that most of the fast food or restaurants organizations are using red color in their logo or slogan because red color reflects hunger and it make the viewer to feel hungry and attract them towards specific hunger. Similarly green color reflects humble and is good for freshness and health, blue color is famous for best pink is feminist color, Black color is mostly used to show some prestige, men use this color for formal dressing, it also show elite class and unique style. White shows simplicity and Yellow shows energy . Similarly each and every color shows some unique property. Colors reflects cultures trends and traditions, Like in western cultures people use to wear black color in funerals and white in weddings while in eastern countries people use to wear white in funerals while black mostly used in weddings and parties.


Color plays a vital role to target different geographical regions as well. Example combination of brown and other dark colors is color that is mostly used to attract rural customers. Simple colors are used to attract some special customers as well. Colors reflects whole theme of situations, it also describes the brands. Like Pepsi logo colors reflects Pepsi. Similarly, different organizations are recognized by colors. A color gives a lot of ideas than words. It can make you to laugh, cry, can scare you and gives a lot of new thinking and creativity.


There are different types of color schemes combinations among which three are most important


  1. Monochromatic
  2. Complementary
  3. Triadic

when a combination of color is single or there are different shades of single color in combination then it’s called monochromatic color scheme.


If two colors are in combination and colors are totally different than its complementary scheme


when in color schemes three colors are used in combination than its known as triadic color scheme

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