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Men and Social Life in Today’s World

I want you guys to go few years back for today’s discussion. Do you remember what we were doing to entertain ourselves for listening music we were using Walkman, cassette player; We were watching movies & other entertainment shows on VCR’s, there was no online system. I still remember, I use to play SEGA game in my childhood. In every summers we were making groups of 15-20 people and discovering new place for entertainment and to enjoy nature, that was the time when there was family system and we were having get together parties every week; That time was a stress less time when most of us were happy because we were sharing our grieves and happiness with one another and we were taking part actively to support each other.

What happen now?

Now a little kid of 10 years is in stress, he can’t enjoy his life as we were enjoying of this age. Why? Have you ever thought that what’s the reason behind it? Who is responsible for it?

Basic reason behind it is that we are running so fast in Technology world that, we are unable to give time to our social life. We have lost our social life; we also lost “Love and affection”. Now our best friend is changes like weather. Human population in the world reached to “seven billion”. Today’s Men best friend is SmartPhone, It’s not only our friend; it also entertains us as we are listening music, watching videos and playing games; it’s our address as we are contact through mails and phone calls.

It was 1940 when Henry Ford (Founder of Ford Motors) said that: “Combination of car and airplane is coming, you may smile but it will come.”  Today his prediction comes true and few weeks ago man made a successful experiment of flying car.

Today we are too rich in technology but did you ever observe that where the true love is today? All of us are running that much fast that we are unable to give time to our families, friends. Wives are betraying their husbands because husbands are unable to give proper time to them and this this causes major stressful situation between them. As we are running after new inventions and technology we can’t focus to our social lives because today we have friends and families but we are lacking in “Time”, To give to them, we are storing each and everything in our heart because we don’t have time to share and express are feelings. Everyone is living his own life and at the end of his life he is saying, today I have time but I don’t have friends & family for “Love and affection”. We have competition everywhere except in our social lives. We want to upgrade our lives from lower to upper class but we are not focusing to be good in Social life, This is the worst defeat to humans social life; That day is not far when Human Life is going to say : “I am defeated by my own soldiers.”

Today we can get our stress less life back if we make ourselves to think “Other things may change but we Start and End with family”.

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