Fastest car in the world

Fastest car in the world

In today’s fast and rapid growing world, everyone is running towards new innovation and creativity. This is that creative mind that innovate the world’s first flying car and dream of Mr. Henry come true. What he said at that time were the words of century for creative world.

     Henry Ford: “Mark my word, combination of motor car and airplane is coming,you may smile now,but it will come.”

Now we can see that world first flying car aeromobil 3.0 is successfully tested at Vienna. But that’s not it creativity and innovation can never end until last human exist in this world.

Just like flying cars many other organizations are working on different projects. Among them cars are very attractive and dominant one. Few organizations are working on producing the world stylist cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini, while some are working to give the luxury i-e Royal Royce, while some organizations are working to produce the world fastest car.


From few years “Bugatti Veyron” was enjoying the honor of being the world fastest car. It has 8.0 liter w16 engine with 1200 horse power that makes it to drive 0-60 mph in 2.4sec while it gives top speed of 267.8mph (430kmph). Its price is $2.5million to $3.4million.


Last year “HENNESSEY VENOM GT” broke Bugatti Veyron top speed record and became the world fastest car. “HENNESSEY VENOM GT” has 7.0 Liter LSX twin tubocharged V8 engine that makes it to run 0-60mph in 2.5seconds. Due to its 1244 horse power its top speed reaches to 270.4mph (435kmph) that breaks the Bugatti record and made it the world’s fastest car. Price of HENNESEY VENOM GT is $1.2million to $1.7million.


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