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Why do Human get Depressed


Depression is a very common problem in the world. Its a disease, If once get suffer from it; so it’s too hard to get out from it, Depression could cause many other diseases in human nature it change modes of life, effect very rapidly in our environment . As we go through of last few decades; we will come to know that at that time we were not having the facilities as we are having now; the technology knowledge and many other facilities but if you notice about the percentage of depression its continuously increasing with the passage of time, Nowadays Depression is not only targeting the young and old ones people of all ages are having different type of depression which is from a child birth to older age of life.

When child is born and before his birth if mother gets in any critical condition or depression it will automatically transfer from mother to child, doesn’t matter either he/she is newly born baby. There are many reasons which may differ from an individual to individual. As there are things which could depress one person but it may be quite pleasure for another. As it’s a common statement that “Human nature is Unpredictable”.

One of the basic reasons of depression is disappointment; Lack of understanding, lack of patience, hopeless, absence from religion & families and many other things which are very common. Some neglected children’s like the child whose parents get separated or not getting attention from their parents they could also suffer from depression that’s why when these kids get younger they move out, they are easily diverted to addictions and bad societies.

If depression is in middle ages, it causes blood pressure problem which finally converts to heart diseases that causes heart attack, Depression also causes sugar (Diabetes) that weaken your bones. In depression the patient also get some psychological problems; they want to be alone; they don’t like gatherings; they get aggressive on minor things, we can say that lack of patience is in depression patients.

We could save ourselves and our coming generations from it by following few, a person make himself busy in some work, so that they will be away from the depression; following one’s religion also plays an important role in reducing depression; Don’t neglect the children, be friendly with your children’s. If you realise that they are getting rude, so go out and change their environment. Make them to live freely by letting them to choose things on their own, Even by wearing the colours which they love to take. If we follow these few things then definitely we will get rid of this harmful disease.

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